1. jbokeh:

    Beautiful Bonsai trees. I can’t wait to get my own tiny tree :)

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  2. monsterman:

    Alphaville: A Strange Adventure of Lemmy Caution (1965)

  3. http://f.hatena.ne.jp/Tatsuriki/20140719082059
  5. meanwhilebackinthedungeon:

    Dreamlands of Unknown Kadath

  6. uispeccoll:

    Miniature Monday!

    Chained Alchemical Library by Pat Sweet from Bo Press Miniature Books.  Riverside (Calif.) : 2012?  From the Charlotte Smith Miniatures Collection.  In the catalog: N7433.4.S885 C43 2012
    Stop by and see!

    Bo Press Miniature’s website.

    See all of our Miniature Mondays or see all of our posts with GIFs.

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  8. bantarleton:

    The weapons and equipment of British warriors down the ages, from top to bottom;

    Huscarl, 1066

    Crusader knight, 1244

    Longbowman, 1415

    Yorkist Man-at-Arms, 1485

    New Model Army musketeer 1645

    Private, 1709

    Corporal, 1815

    Private, 1916

    Lance Corporal, 1944

    Private, 2014

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  9. wapiti3:

    Memoranda of Medicinisch of Science Society at Jena. ; By Medical and scientific society to Jena. on Flickr.

    Publication info Jena: Fischer 0.1878 to 1932.
    BHL Collections:
    Ernst Mayr Library of the MCZ, Harvard University
    Smithsonian Libraries

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